A Semester of Blogging Complete!!!

Hello LISTeners!

It has been such a great semester of blogging on LISTen Up! The feedback I have been getting on this blog has been great! My #FDOM class is coming to an end but LISTen Up! isn’t going anywhere! I am going to continue to blog and give you all the latest entertainment and lifestyle news going on in America! It has been a very packed semester; blogging is a CAREER not a HOBBY! I can’t believe how much work goes into writing, researching and promoting a blog! It has definitely been a very cool experience!

Since news is going more online everyday, social media has played such a huge role in my blogging! I found out some of my news through social media and also alot of the traffic coming to my blog is because of a post on social media that I had posted! (like some of you may have came to this post because of that!).

I REALLY want to take this blog and turn it to a vlog! (video blog). I had created a YouTube version of “The List” for my #FDOM class and I’m hoping if it becomes popular enough, then I will continue to do it!

I loved doing this blog so much! I think this has done more for me then just get me a grade for my class, it is kind of my first entrance into trying to make a name for myself in media. It’s letting the world know that I have arrived! lol This blog is now a business, my business. It is teaching me how to be a entrepreneur and I am so glad I am being able to experience this!

Since I REALLY want to go into news and media, I think that now having my own blog on my resume is just too cool! When an employer asks if I have any experience , I can say yes I do! Visit my blog!!! It is too cool!

Well, I really need to stop rambling on this blog so I am going to sign off for now LISTeners! I want to thank my cool professor Jon Zmikly for teaching us all of this stuff and to you LISTeners!! Without you all my blog would be nothing!! Thank yal so much!!! This is only a goodbye for now!! I will be on next week!

Keep LISTening!

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One of my FAV quotes!

One of my FAV quotes!


The List goes YouTube!!

So I was thinking, why not try to bring this to video?! So I got in front of a camera and made a YouTube video of “The List!” I really loved doing this and who knows where this can lead me!! lol With that I present “The List! The Video #1”




Let me know what you all think of this video and comment on it, like it, reblog it, just do everything!!!!! 😀 See it on YouTube itself here!

Happy Monday LISTeners!,


College Kids: Where do you get your news from?

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As a college kid and news fanatic myself, I always wonder how other college kids get their news! I created this blog for college kids as a resource for them when trying to find out what’s going on in the news! So I went out and asked different college kids this question: “Where do you get your news from?” Above is a slideshow of fellow Texas State University students answering this very question, of course, in LIST form! 😀 Enjoy!

If you are wondering where I like to get my news from, click on the “My Fav Blogs!” page or click here. I also LOVE watching talk shows so definitely from there!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and thanks for LISTening (or watching) my slideshow! 😀 Happy new week!


What other places you should LISTen too!!

A peak at my Storify!

A peak at my Storify!

Hey LISTeners!

So I am constantly being asked to created cool and different things for my #FDOM class! One of our various projects was to create a Storify, which is basically where I can place a bunch of different tweets, websites and posts from other popular social media sites into one thing! I LOVE it! Below I have created a Storify of kind of what I personally look at on a daily basis! Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or a website itself, I want to share with you all some of the places I get inspired for news from!

Take a look below and let me know what you think!! 🙂


Isn’t it the weekend?! YAYYYY!!!! Have a great one everybody!! Until need time LISTeners!,

Malik ( @malikcray on Twitter and Instagram)!

Michael Jackson’s “Xscape”, April Fool’s Day and more!

That’s right everybody “The List” is back after going on a very long break! There has been so many newsworthy stories this week and I can’t wait to talk about them…so LISTen Up!

Not a fan, but looks really futuristic!

Not a fan, but looks really futuristic!

#1) Pretty Dead Thing (P.D.T). That is right everyone, like the title of this list said, Michael Jackson is making a comeback! But it is not him himself, just his music! That would have been weird. The now five years since death pop star is releasing an 8 track album called “Xscape” that will feature the album title track along with 7 other NEW songs! OK I’ll be honest, I am very excited for this album and I KNOW it is going to sell out FAST, but O M GEE let the man rest in peace!!! There is no reason for him to be doing this album when all of his old songs will NEVER get old! IDK, but  I’m sure those Jacksons are screaming because of the money his estate is about to receive from this album… Anyways! The album comes out on May 13th and best believe I will be listening to all that new music!

#2) April Fools Day 2014! So Monday was April Fools Day and when I tell you many companies went all out for the holiday, I mean they went all out! There were many companies that participated in this holiday but the two that got me the most was YouTube and Google!!! What Google did was that it tricked people into thinking that you would be able to download and app on your phone where with the help of Google maps, you could  go around to different locations all around the world and see 3D images of POKÉMON!!!! When I saw this I was so excited!! Until I found out  it was a joke……… This video looks so real! But, sadly Google has come out and said that it was apart of April Fools as a prank:( Dang! I really wanted to meet Squirtle! LOL. The second prank that really got me was YouTube, posting a video that ALL the videos we see on YouTube whether it be memes or popular videos were YouTube writers creating this content and hiring people to do it. It was saying that it was not really normal people doing these videos and posting them! I actually believed it too! Just the way that they did it seemed so real! I was relieved though that it was just an April Fools prank and all of those creative YouTubers are really normal people like us! Well done Google and YouTube, well done.

#3) iPhone 6! OK if any of you are like me, you cannot wait to upgrade to the new iPhone 6! Rumors say that the popular phone is set to release in early September of this year and rumors say it is going to look like this! I love it! It’s curvier, thinner and the screen is bigger! Comment below on what you all think!

ALLEGEDLY the new iPhone! I like it!

ALLEGEDLY the new iPhone! I like it!

#4) Waffle Taco vs. McMuffin! OOOO so it has been getting  very messy between McDonald’s and Taco Bell lately! OK so basically what has happened was that to promote Taco Bell’s new breakfast, they got 23 people whose name was RONALD MCDONALD and had them say “I’m Ronald McDonald, and I love Taco Bell’s new breakfast.” Check it out here! Obviously they were throwing shade at McDonald’s, making it seem like the face of their brand was endorsing their breakfast, when reps say that they really weren’t. Well trust me, McDonald’s did not back down, posting this on their Facebook page:

Racist or called for?

Racist or called for?

Are they saying that since Taco Bell is a Mexican restaurant, that they need to put a chihuahua in there? I kind of feel like this is a little racist. But, I also think Taco Bell  had no right either to cast people named Ronald McDonald for their commercial either. I still like McDonald’s breakfast better…….so go McMuffin!! Just expand your breakfast hours please….

#5) Boxer Night! So I would l love to share something that I personally went to on Tuesday night with you LISTeners! It was a fashion show where some FINE college men walked down a runway in decorated boxers. Women also walked down the runway in fashion designed by local stores of San Marcos! It was an event that was fundraising and bringing awareness to testicular cancer, which last year 8,820 men were diagnosed with (Cancer.net). This cancer is BEATABLE, and every detection is key men!!!! Check your balls!!! ;D Find out more information here!

I am SO glad to be back LISTeners!! Thank you all so much for reading my blog whenever you can and keep on LISTeneing! Because the List is BACK! Follow me on Tiwtter if you haven’t! @malikthecray and you all have a wonderful weekend! -Malik